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    simrim1 reacted to chwe in Orange Pi One is not booting from SD Card....   
    Which image do you use? So if you have the same image on your USB stick and the SD-Card than it boots? This sounds like your SD-Card is corrupted. Did you check your card with h2testw or F3? How is your board powered (PSU& cable)? Whats connected to your OPI?
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    simrim1 reacted to zador.blood.stained in Orange Pi One is not booting from SD Card....   
    Maybe you have a card reader issue?
    Did you write the image with Etcher? Unless Etcher writes the image without reporting any issues I'm not sure anyone will be able to help you further - you should try a different card reader and different SD cards first and write images only with Etcher.
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    simrim1 reacted to chwe in Orange Pi One is not booting from SD Card....   
    It does not boot from USB... I think it boots from SD-Card (uboot) failed to start up the kernel from the SD-Card and therefore looks for other possibilities (e.g. USB, ETH) to start a kernel. Cause he has a working kernel on the USB stick, this works without issues.
     In fact, you didn't cause:
    Otherwise, this statement would come earlier:
    So, something goes wrong when you write to SD-Cards. There are IMO two opportunities:
    All your SD-Cards are counterfeit Your card reader/writer is counterfeit (as @zador.blood.stained suggested).  I suggest solving this issue step by step, with burning an image as an end goal.  Replace your SD-Card reader, format all your SD-Cards and test them again with F3 or h2testw In case you don't get any errors with h2testw/F3 you can burn armbian with Etcher and enjoy armbian.   In case you still have the same issues there are two possibilities: You're the the unlucky guy having two bad SD-Card readers or three counterfeit SD-Cards (or maybe a host computer which fails when it writes stuff on flash media ) I'm (and a lot of others too) aren't fans of using chargers as PSU.  It works (mostly/often) but it can end in 'unexpected behavior' which end's in questions like --> why does armbian not work reliably.
    I'm not a fan of hubs. Only when they are active (self-powered, not through the SBCs USB). In your case: you have an SBC with a nice barrel plug connector.  So, why not buying a barrel plug PSU. I bought my OPi PC+ with xunlongs barrel plug PSU and it works without issues.  
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    simrim1 reacted to guidol in Orange Pi One is not booting from SD Card....   
    I didnt know that the Orange Pi One can boot from USB
    But at the Boot-log I did read "scanning bus 0 for devices - 4 USB device(s) found
    Could you try to boot from MicroSD-Card when only connect a Keyboard/Mouse (NOT a USB-Hub or any other storage device)?
    (Did you "eject" the MicroSD-Cards via File-Explorer or did you only disconnect the card?)
    If you are using Windows you could try to write the image with USB-IT (does work fine for me - like etcher 1.2.1):
    Did you format your MicroSD-Card using SD-Formater v5  (page url says v4 but its V5) before writing the image?:
    Click accept at the bottom of the page for downloadinf the v5