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  1. I don't have success, but I think solution for A20 similar like this.
  2. Hi everyone, I have problems with compilation patched kernel 3.4.113 My patches uses header file customize.h, I copy this file into build directory - cache/sources/linux-sunxi/sunxi-3.4/include/linux/ I get an error during the build process fatal error: linux/customize.h: No such file or directory What location should I use for my header file?
  3. I'm googling for solve this problem. How I can understand, need bind DAI with PCM codec driver. BR, Alex
  4. Hi, It does not work I2S for me. But, if you have interest, we can try do it together.. BR,
  5. Where in the datasheet did you see information about supported Linux versions?
  6. Hello, I would like know, KSZ9031RNX this chip supported in old Armbian Linux 3.4.x? Where I can found information about Linux supported chips in the Linux sources?
  7. Problem solved after system upgrade to Kernel 4.14.18
  8. Have problem with DTS file compilation. The utility armbian-add-overlay can not found Linux headers (Armbian Stretch kernel 4.14.14). Headers are success installed from armbian-config -> software. How I can indicate headers path for armbian-add-overlay?
  9. In the overlay file sun7i-a20-i2s0.dtbo after decompilation I see only pin definitions. How I can see, PB5-PB12 pins defined only like GPIO. For I2S work need more interface specific definitions. I2S work on other A20 based boards? UPD Got problem with DTS file compilation. Of course, Linux header are success installed from armbian-config -> software armbian-add-overlay sun7i-a20-i2s0a.dts Kernel headers are not installed properly. Please install the kernel headers package
  10. I was think I2S overlays present by default. How can I set up I2S overlay?
  11. Hi Guys, After a long time after the release Linux kernel 4.x I want use the I2S on Lime2 (Armbian Stretch kernel 4.14.14), but I2S interface did not work. I was add activation of overlays i2s0 and i2s1 into/boot/armbianEnv.txt root@lime2:~# cat /boot/armbianEnv.txt verbosity=1 logo=disabled console=both disp_mode=1920x1080p60 overlay_prefix=sun7i-a20 rootdev=UUID=dcf7af80-8026-4e99-870f-f0d35f926063 rootfstype=ext4 overlays=i2s0 i2s1 usbstoragequirks=0x2537:0x1066:u,0x2537:0x1068:u After reboot I can't see I2S interfaces... root@lime2:~# aplay -l aplay: device_list:270: no soundcards found... root@lime2:~# lsmod | grep snd snd_soc_core 118784 1 sun4i_i2s snd_pcm_dmaengine 16384 1 snd_soc_core snd_pcm 65536 3 sun4i_i2s,snd_pcm_dmaengine,snd_soc_core snd_timer 24576 1 snd_pcm snd 45056 3 snd_timer,snd_soc_core,snd_pcm soundcore 16384 1 snd I2S really supported in Mainline on A20?
  12. Hi all, I have Lime2/legacy kernel 3.4, within 2-3 min after boot the network connection are dropped and up again. The problem for my automation, I can fix it? Regards,
  13. Hi all! I write app for statistic generation for my tasks. 1. How I can replace Armbian welcome message? 2. How run app before user login? BR,
  14. Mainline Linux 4.13.16 for Limo2 work fine. Linux 3.4.x not supported more in Armbian? Regards,
  15. Hi all! After success image building I have problem at boot [Armbian_5.37_Lime2_Debian_jessie_default_3.4.113] Boot stoped after line '<6>axp20_ldo2: 1800 <--> 3300 mV at 3000 mV' PSU and board work fine, what is the problem? Regards, boot log ========HV Inital =================== <3>tkey_fetch_sysconfig_para: tkey_unused. hv_keypad_init: after fetch_sysconfig_para: normal_i2c: 0x0. normal_i2c[1]: 0x0 <3>sunxi-rtc sunxi-rtc: Warning: RTC time is wrong! <6>sunxi-rtc sunxi-rtc: rtc core: registered rtc as rtc0 <6>i2c /dev entries driver config i2c gpio with gpio_config api <6>axp_mfd 0-0034: AXP (CHIP ID: 0x41) detected <6>axp_mfd 0-0034: AXP internal temperature monitoring enabled <4>i2c i2c-0: Invalid probe address 0x00 <6>I2C: i2c-0: AW16XX I2C adapter config i2c gpio with gpio_config api <4>i2c i2c-1: Invalid probe address 0x00 <6>I2C: i2c-1: AW16XX I2C adapter config i2c gpio with gpio_config api <4>i2c i2c-2: Invalid probe address 0x00 <6>I2C: i2c-2: AW16XX I2C adapter <5>cedar: failed to allocate memory buffer [tt]----- avs_dev driver load... ---- [tt]----- register iomem ---- Cannot reserve region for ccmu [tt]--- avs_dev driver load ok!! ----- [ace_drv] start!!! [ace_drv] init end!!! [pa_drv] start!!! [pa_drv] init end!!! <6>axp20_ldo1: 1300 mV <6>axp20_ldo2: 1800 <--> 3300 mV at 3000 mV