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  1. Hi Tido, did you read and understood my post? What you like to point me? Yes, i ran the install script as root..
  2. Hey, this will not work.. Have you seen the data sheet of the Rock64? There is no I2S on the Pi-2 Bus (pinheader) where you connected the HiFiBerry DAC from your RPi. You can use jumper wire to connect it with P5 but you need a overlay to activate I2S.
  3. Hi @PittPC made a test today. Setup my HC2 on a spare SD-card: used "Armbian_20.02.7_Odroidxu4_buster_legacy_4.14.174.img" to write on SD-card 1234 -> 1234 -> >mypassword< reboot loged in as >user< sudo armbian-config -> made my settings.. sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade installed my basic settings and tools sudo reboot OK! armbianmonitor -u http://ix.io/2sVR ..till now erverything is OK! loged in as root wget https://simpnas.com/install.sh; bash install.sh Visit in your web browser to complete installation made my settings on webinterface.. than device reboot after reboot i logged in (ssh) as >user<: S C:\WINDOWS\system32> ssh master@ master@'s password: ___ _ _ _ __ ___ _ _ _ / _ \ __| |_ __ ___ (_) __| | \ \/ / | | | || | | | | |/ _` | '__/ _ \| |/ _` | \ /| | | | || |_ | |_| | (_| | | | (_) | | (_| | / \| |_| |__ _| \___/ \__,_|_| \___/|_|\__,_| /_/\_\\___/ |_| Welcome to Armbian buster with Linux 4.14.187-odroidxu4 System load: 0.06 0.02 0.00 Up time: 11 min Memory usage: 9 % of 1995MB IP: CPU temp: 47°C Usage of /: 5% of 30G storage/: 1% of 3.6T Last login: Sun Aug 2 10:30:41 2020 from Could not chdir to home directory /home/master: No such file or directory master@HC2:/$ sudo armbianmonitor -u System diagnosis information will now be uploaded to http://ix.io/2sW5 Please post the URL in the forum where you've been asked for. master@HC2:/$ i've got these message: Could not chdir to home directory /home/master: No such file or directory Something went wrong with your script.. It delete my /home/MYNAME directory AFTER rebooting. http://ix.io/2sW5 I retested the installation twice with the same results. Pls. check regards Markus
  4. @Anderson Lima I think it is much easier to connect a external RTC like a DS 1307 module like this or a DS 3231 module like this to solve the problem. It's only some cents....
  5. To upgrade pihole type: pihole -up after this a pihole -g after this pihole is up to date...
  6. OK, i'm prepaired with my 500GB HDD on a Cubietruck right now...
  7. Yes, and you all can be proud of this...
  8. Hello Igor, since years i seed Armbian torrents but i noticed that i'm running out of space. My hdd was 248GB till now... Looking for further information and saw in the first post is written 512GB. Maybe you can add a big ">NOTE!< since Version 20.05.xx you need 512GB free space". Also after you installed transmission by ->Software ->Softy ->Transmission you get asked to seed Armbian torrents. Here a screen: You have to change the number from 80GB to 512GB. Just my thinking about this.. Markus
  9. First you have to enable analog audio... sudo armbian-config ->System ->Hardware -> mark analog-codec ... sudo reboot If you need /etc/asound.conf , you have to create by you own...
  10. @divis1969 thanks for the info. Regards
  11. I also like to change mjpg streamer to ffmpeg. But in the moment i haven'd time for this.. Keep on posting your results pls. Regards
  12. @divis1969 I also use kerberosio since years with some OrangePi's (Frontdoor, Garden Cam..) and USBCameras. But not directly in kerberosio. I'm runing mjpg_streamer for live-streaming and in kerberosio i us it like a IP-Camera. Did you try out Zoneminder? I think about to try it in the next time when i've time.
  13. @gounthar i do this: root@zero-bk:~# cd /sys/bus/w1/devices root@zero-bk:/sys/bus/w1/devices# ls -l insgesamt 0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 Apr 21 14:09 28-02161f5ca2ee -> ../../../devices/w1_bus_master1/28-02161f5ca2ee lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 Apr 21 18:45 w1_bus_master1 -> ../../../devices/w1_bus_master1 root@zero-bk:/sys/bus/w1/devices# cat /sys/devices/w1_bus_master1/28-02161f5ca2ee/w1_slave 51 01 4b 46 7f ff 0c 10 ab : crc=ab YES 51 01 4b 46 7f ff 0c 10 ab t=21062
  14. @gounthar how i did it with my OPZero: Enable w1-gpio add param_w1_pin=PA10 to armbianEnv.txt and connect your DS18B20 like these.. +------------------------------------------------+ | OPi Zero GPIO Pin | 18B20 | Widerstand | |------------------------|---------|-------------| |Pin 17 3.3V | braun | VCC |-|4,7kOhm|-¬ | |Pin 26 1-wire | blau | Data |------------ | |Pin 9 GND | schwarz | GND | | +------------------------------------------------+ Its working fine :-)
  15. @Anna Vahtera sorry my delay... First test was with 20m long CAT5 Cable. It was working without issues, so no need for me to measure the voltage. In real scenario I use a 15 meter cable.
  16. Maybe you will think a other way/solution. I used that for a project years ago with a OPi Zero, webcam and GPIO to detect a signal. (Doorbell with front door video and motion detection) I used a passive poe adaptor like this: passive poe It's working pretty good till now with only a network cable...
  17. I had also had a lot power outages. I bougt a "Bms 18650 Batterie Schild V3 Expansion Board" (https://de.aliexpress.com/item/32996504176.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.1ec64c4da6MXpj) with a 18650 Batterie, and the problen was solved.
  18. Hello @richardk, to edit file from ext x filesystem on Windows machines, use Ext2Fsd-0.69.exe https://www.heise.de/download/product/ext2fsd-57713 works pefect...
  19. Take a look here: http://linux-sunxi.org/Xunlong_Orange_Pi_Zero oops, there is no PD11 your right... Maybe Martin mean another Pin.
  20. Yes, i've take a look yesterday, but there was no item any more. I would mail to them and ask when it will be again on stock.
  21. no no, not about 68-72 degrees Celsius at my maximum...
  22. I would suggest the orange pi zero plus with extension board. H5 Prozessor 512 MB RAM 3x USB 2.0 Gigabit Ethernet Onboard WiFi SPI Flash Runs for me very reliable for over 2 years under Debian Stretch. No thermal problems... running without exclosure on myside... I use it for: websites/webservice, pihole, openvpn, oscam server ... below 50 degrees Celsius. It's around 19,45€ including delivery to Europe (where i'm living). https://de.aliexpress.com/item/32851197198.html?spm=a2g0x.12010612.8148356.9.1be67144SgjLnC
  23. Try... armbian-config -> System -> Hardware and select "analog-codec" After a reboot, it should work. Markus
  24. OT Igor, where i can get/buy some Cups for coffee like these? Markus
  25. Ok, i've canged back to 4.14.69, all work how expected... ...armbian-config is a great tool. Thanks Igor
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