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  1. JCS


  2. Haven't heard of that project, but it sounds interesting! Forgot to mention that my team's overall project in a 3x1 cubesat form factor. I told Jason Kridner about it at the Embedded Linux Conference in Portland last year because I thought it was the first successful BBB space deployment, but hadn't heard anything publicly. Credit where it's due, I commend those guys on a robust system. I don't think I ever had any trouble with its reliability.
  3. If anyone is serious about spending real development time working on Armbian board-bringup for the BBB 4GB eMMC, I'll send you one. It's really the least I could do since my time is often saturated. I built a power/communication controller using an industrial-grade BBB (the power distribution board was written in KiCad!! but unfortunately not open-source...) and it's been orbiting the Earth fully-functional for about a year now, so I can attest that BBBs are still relevant and can be more useful than the occasional maker light show.
  4. Hello - I'm requesting that an issue tracker be added to the documentation repository on the Armbian GitHub project. This would allow various documentation improvement requests to be placed and resolution status to be easily located.
  5. JCS


    After becoming discouraged after hearing about Libre Computer's plans to not release any of their board design files and noticing that all the OLinuXino boards are designed in KiCad and openly available on GitHub, I decided to purchase one of these boards (rev D). Although I am already a contributor on several other Olimex products, this is the first one that I now personally own! I would be interested in helping out on this platform, but first I would need some guidance with where everything is at with this board and the best way to get started. Also, I am interested in doing what I can to have more of a pure Debian experience and rely less and less on Ubuntu.
  6. pacav69 and myself have created a Libre Computer Project "User Group" wiki with the purpose of aggregating much of the board-specific documentation to one central location. If anyone reading this would like to contribute, please let one of us know and we'll add you to the GitHub project! http://lcpugwiki.readthedocs.io/en/latest/