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  1. That's strange indeed, I'll try a new build in a few days (it's currently building and uploading new arm64 docker images 24/7) It was perfectly working with a dev build between the end of july and the beginning of august. I had many problem with date jump in 2114 so I tried updating yesterday (apt-get update && upgrade) and had the problem with eth0. I then tried a full install and I had the same problem. As I said I still have a few days of work for the pine64 and I'll retry a new build
  2. I rebuilt a full image this morning and I still have no wired network. I went back to kernel 4.19.X. I'll spend some time tonight to compare the device trees between 5.2 and 5.3.
  3. Hi, I just updated my pine64 1Gb today (so 190916), it restarted perfectly with 5.3.0 kernel but I lost eth0 with `no phy at addr -1` in dmesg (wlan0 still works fine). Anybody can confirm ? I remember reading about this on irc about 5.3 and pine64 some weeks ago , I'll try to find it again.
  4. Hi all, FYI, I just build an image for a Pine64 (1Gb) and everything seems perfectly fine with kernel 5.2.X -> thanks a lot to all armbian team and especially to @martinayotte I'll probable rebuild my Banana pi image later this month.
  5. For the record my cable length was over 70m (meters not centimeters)
  6. 60cm should be very safe, it should not hurt to try 3K3.
  7. @eyatsko What is the total cable length for your 6 sensors ? Do you use CAT5 / CAT6 ? 5 or 6 years ago, I tried to add 4 sensors in each of my first floor rooms (in the ceiling) -> 4 * 4 = 16 DS18B20 but it was way too much cable length (even with cat5) to have a consistent sensor read. I often had only 8 or 9 sensor available (and sometimes to whole bus disappeared). I tried lowering the pullup, it helped. I tried replacing my only pullup with 3 (and even 4) 15k (distributed along the cable) : it also helped but it was never perfect. Finally I ended up with 4 buses of 4 sensors using 4 pins and it was flawless. Less interesting for you but now I have a single ESP8266 for each room with a some i2c sensors (SI7021, ...). All my DS18B20 were donated or binned. Hope this helps
  8. @TonyMac32 Did you order directly from Nvidia ? It seems impossible to order it from Nvidia website from Europe.
  9. You'll see, you won't regret it comparing to DHT11
  10. Are you sure that DHT11 is really one wire .... As far as I remember I had to use a specific program to access it. And the reliability of this sensor is so low that they went directly to the bin.
  11. almost agree with you... I'll be keeping emmc. About USB, If I remember correctly H6 only has 1USB2 and 1USB3 so just those too would be good (no need for internal usb hubs).
  12. There is a workaround and even when run at 100% CPU for several hours without any heatsink a Banana Pi does not heat that much and is very stable .... At least I'm not interested to spend time searching a fix for that
  13. I build this Dockerfile which allow me to install all the plugins I want : https://github.com/seblucas/alpine-homeassistant/blob/master/Dockerfile But I'm using an external MQTT server, ... I'm sure I don't have all the bells and whistles of hassio but I don't need them.
  14. I'm using home-assistant. never tried hassio.
  15. I'm using Home Assistant for more than one year and if you follow the armbian installation : use a Virtualenv !!!!! or you'll be facing very painful upgrades. I switched to docker images but that's the same spirit.