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  1. vlad59

    VPN Server Questions

    it is faster (guaranted if you have more than one core because OpenVPN only use one core)
  2. vlad59

    La Frite (AML-S805X-AC)

    2 mounting holes on the same side will make any heatsink design "mechanically interesting"
  3. Yes all the download went fine the second time, Next Pine64 build is on the way thanks ;).
  4. Hi, I just made a brand new VM to build armbian this morning so after installing Bionic / checking out the sources, I started `compile.sh` for the first time and I got theses warning / errors (15 minutes ago) : E: Version '1.2.0' for 'aptly' was not found [ o.k. ] Syncing clock [ host ] [ .... ] Downloading [ gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-4.8-2014.04_linux ] -=O=- # # # # curl: (7) Failed to connect to dl.armbian.com port 443: Connection refused curl: (7) Failed to connect to dl.armbian.com port 443: Connection refused [ .... ] Verifying grep: gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-4.8-2014.04_linux.tar.xz.asc: No such file or directory md5sum: gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-4.8-2014.04_linux.tar.xz.asc: No such file or directory I just restarted it and it seems to work better (the downloading seems to be working). So no real problem there, just wanted to notify in case it may be important.
  5. Once you see it with `i2cdetect` you can use any program on github : https://github.com/ControlEverythingCommunity/PCF8574 (being the first one) no need for WiringPi for i2c access
  6. That's why the use case is very important and you have to be specific : if I/O (disk or network) is the most important for you, then RPi3 can be worse than an old Banana Pi. If your main problem is CPU then Rpi3 will be better. i.e. : * you run static website (hugo for example) -> disk I/O is not that important as most of your files will be cached * you run many Wordpress / MySQL databases -> Disk I/O is important * You serve very big files -> More than 1Go of RAM can be great and Gigabit ethernet is mandatory .....
  7. vlad59

    failure rate of SBC boards

    You can use a normal kitchen oven ..... if your wife agree (at your own risk) and if you don't care about the smell afterwards.
  8. vlad59

    K-worker problem on Banana pie M1

    I'm using the workaround for the last month but my Banana pi has not a lot of work to do (load average: 0,21, 0,15, 0,11) so I really don't know if there is a risk or not.
  9. vlad59

    K-worker problem on Banana pie M1

    This is due the a kernel change so the distribution shoud not change that at all. You can use the search to find a palliative.
  10. vlad59

    failure rate of SBC boards

    I got 2 banana pis running 24/7 for 4 years with SSD -> not any problem. I've got a spare one that I boot every year. I got 2 Pine64 used at work also running 24/7 for 1,5 year -> not any problem with the boards but I had to renew the SD on both Pine64. I also have Pine64 and various Nanopi that are not running 24/7 but still work fine. My 3 Rpis (only old ones : first 256Mb RpiB, another 512Mb and a RPI2) are also fine (used with Libreelec in various room at home) -> the SDcard never had a fail. So for SBC not a single fail. If I add others microcontrollers, never had a problem with my arduinos (mainly moteinos) but some Flash fails with ESP8266.
  11. vlad59

    30-sysinfo get_ip_addresses()

    Thanks I'll test it at home and report back
  12. vlad59

    Green Artefacts on Screen - Cubietruck

    if performance works then you can try conservative it should be better for Electricity cost (if that works of course)
  13. vlad59

    30-sysinfo get_ip_addresses()

    Yes .... but something configurable is often more complex to maintain so while motd is kind of important for a guy that installed Armbian for the first time, it's rarely useful for someone that only use SSH with a purpose in mind (I only give a quick look to system load to check for unusual load that's all). It depends on the goal.
  14. vlad59

    30-sysinfo get_ip_addresses()

    I agree br should be excluded (at least for my usecase which involve docker). I remember talking about Zador when he changed it a year ago : https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/2d37a1ec3e5aee5ed6d942a6eb93fdbf20a08413#diff-02317355268e7ae7265db2efbf843d7b I don't know why @Igor changed it. But as it's only a motd I don't care a lot about it.
  15. I have a Banana Pi (The very first one, before the Banana Pro / m1 came out) running Armbian 5.38 with kernel 4.14.18 and it runs 24/7. Its uptime is 56 days (and I rebooted the board) so no problem at all. I have another Banana Pi running Armbian 5.31 with kernel 4.11.6 and its uptime is 143 days. I never had a single problem with both of them.