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  1. Information for users of  TV boxes on the Anlogic platform.
    At the beginning of the year, I already warned that support for AML will be reduced, now it's time, I completely stop supporting all  TV boxes based on AML. Therefore, for those who definitely need ArmbianTV, I strongly recommend that you no longer buy models of TV boxes with Amlogic chips and switch to using supported hardware. AML support is Available exclusively for several models whose manufacturers cooperate with Armbian. In all new versions of images and the kernel, I will add various security mechanisms that will create serious problems, including hardware problems and hardware failure. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you do not try to launch new versions of ArmbianTV images using non-standard mechanisms used in old images , and not listen to the advice of outsiders who have nothing to do with the development of ArmbianTV. This is fraught with serious problems at unpredictable times.
    I dont understand about what are you talking about at all

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  2. [mention=8117]Alex83[/mention] [mention=9256]tediwildan[/mention] I checked the issue with apt-get upgrade and actually it happens only on NAND boards due to some misbehaving code in armbian. I'm fixing the issue, in the meantime you can plug an sdcard in the sd slot and then run apt-get upgrade: the presence of the sdcard in the slot is sufficient to avoid the issue and the upgrade should install fine.
    Many thanks@jock

    Now I can upgrade the system, the only issue on my tvbox is wifi doesnt work after I install LXQT desktop On armbian buster fca7a8524cdc6e0db20992f492530e8b.jpg

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  3. @jock

    Dpkg: error processing package linux-image-legacy-rk322x (--configure) : installed linux-image-legacy-rk322x package post-installation scripts subprocess returned error exit status 1

    Errors were encountered while processing :

    E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

    It always happen when I try to

    apt-get update
    apt-get upgrade

    My board rk3229 Mxq pro 4k NAND

    Hope it can fix soon

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  4. Launched the "overclocked" version on MX10 (rk3328). Installed in eMMC. So far, everything is stable. At first glance, it works faster than with the default u-boot. Full-screen video in the browser from youtube with a resolution of 1080p works almost without brakes (previously I could only play 720p without brakes on this model). There must be a fan, with it the temperature under maximum load does not exceed 55-65 degrees.
    How about s905x, can you make it too?

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  5. Device : Fiberhome HG680-P S905X mali-450
    Image : focal_current_5.7.6
    On LXDE, LLVM driver is still being used.
    Tried on Sway, lima is detected, but glxgears is glitchy and stutters. Also lima echo a lot of pp pp2 reset time out when running glxgears
    Mpv plays Test.mp4 with no problem in windowed size. When fullscreened, the outputs dropping frames like crazy either with default vo or with --vo=wlshm

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    Josss, mantap

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  6. Hello, i'm trying to install into my second tv box, an ABOX a1 plus, (i've attempted on beelink gt1 but without success) but in the tv box there is not  the app "Update&Backup".
    How can boot from sd without it?
    thanks in advance
    Try using ADB shell and type "reboot update" unplug the sdcard and insert it after you boot to recovery mode, select update from sdcard, search for aml_autoscript.zip
    Then choose reboot to bootloader, it work for me

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  7. On 4/28/2019 at 1:58 AM, anonymox said:

    Hi @balbes150,


    I flashed Debian 5.77 to my SDcard. It booted ok with my new TX3 mini (type A).


    But now, when I ejected the SDcard from box, I can't boot to Android anymore. It stucked at device's booting logo.


    I dont't install Armbian to eMMC. Just boot from SDcard and than eject it. Currently, I still can boot to SDcard, but Android is not. The only way to back to Android is re-flash the Android firmware.


    I used "dmesg | grep mmc" command to check my device is eMMC or NAND, I found this: mmc2: new high speed SDIO card at address 0001


    Can you help me? How to dual boot?

    Is your problem with tx3-mini (Type A) solved yet? coz I have the same model here 

  8. 8 hours ago, YoungGu said:

    Thank you @balbes150 for you ROM.

    I have 3 different boxes.

    A: 2G/16G, SV6501 WIFI. (MXQ Pro + 4K)

    B: 1G/8G, (MXQ Pro + 4K)

    C: 1G/8G.  (MXQ Pro 4K)


    I tried 3 IMG's. 

    a: Armbian_5.37_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_mate_20171226.img

    b: Armbian_5.44_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_mate_20180515.img



    IMG a

    a1. wifi doesn't work for A/B/C. no ssv6051-wifi.

    a2. can't install to emmc for C. (/dev/boot no such file or dircetory) (ddbr unable to found your emmc driver)

    IMG b

    b1. no error for wifi. but can't find it. even added wifi_dummy in /etc/modules

    b2. HDMI can't be setted to 720P,  a1 could do it.


    Can you tell me what's box's SPEC you have and the image tested  ok on it. 


    And can I have you email, I have a special idea for the these. mine is 7188209@qq.com

    For all. Kernel 4.16 does not support internal eMMC memory. Do not attempt to install to the eMMC. You get problems.