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  1. I thought mPcie <> M2?
  2. I hope you're not asking how to troubleshoot Android issues.
  3. Thanks Igor for the info. i thought i broke my board when the Ethernet stop working after flashing a new image.
  4. @Jack953 Does the board support nvme ssd?
  5. OP, i believe if the dongle have issues with a Windows, Windows support will not help you to solve this. You do know that Armbian did not sell you the board and dongle? I think you should have mentioned in the first post what hardware you are using because other users could share their experience with your hardware.
  6. Why don't you flash a new image instead? Even Ubuntu doesn't upgrade the kernel after certain version. https://dl.armbian.com/orangepipcplus/archive/Armbian_5.90_Orangepipcplus_Ubuntu_bionic_next_4.19.57.7z
  7. Copy out your program config and files?
  8. If not mistaken, the board will always boot from SD card.
  9. Did you create new user? Can try login the new user? Possible that you enabled Caps Lock when you set new password?
  10. Is there a way to check the speed bin and how do I set the values?
  11. can i request suggestion on images to try? My orangepi3 always stuck at [] A start job is running for Armbian filesystem resize (xmin xs / xmin xs) <- xmin and xs is what i wrote because it's not always stuck at the same value Flashed using Etcher (Ubuntu) and then switched to Win32DiskImager (Windows 10) Tested with 2 different SD cards but the SD cards able to flash Ubuntu desktop image from OrangePi using the script, OrangePi_install2EMMC.sh included inside Ubuntu desktop image from OrangePi http://www.orangepi.org/downloadresources/OrangePi3/2019-01-23/orangepi3_82ad209229e957e13fa953491c.html i tried: Armbian_5.98.191006_Orangepi3_Debian_buster_dev_5.3.3_minimal.img Armbian_5.90_Orangepi3_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_5.1.15 Armbian_5.90_Orangepi3_Debian_buster_dev_5.1.15 Below is the serial console output (Armbian_5.98.191006_Orangepi3_Debian_buster_dev_5.3.3_minimal): h2testw_1.4 Test Result: OrangePi_install2EMMC.sh content if anyone is interested:
  12. I used three different SDs card but it still can't boot up. If i can use the same SD card with another image to boot up in another board, does it prove that the SD card is fine? I plan to switch from Etcher to Win32DiskImager, switch from SanDisk/Kingston to Samsung. See whichever solves it. Note that I have yet to flash the board. It's still running the Android image that it came with. The adapter came with the set that OrangePi sold with the board.
  13. Tried the following image, unable to boot and ended up with this message: [ OK ] Started Armbian hardware optimization. _ Armbian_5.93_Orangepi3_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_5.2.8_desktop.img Armbian_5.93_Orangepi3_Ubuntu_bionic_next_4.19.66.img Armbian_5.93_Orangepi3_Debian_buster_dev_5.2.8_desktop.img Armbian_5.88_Orangepi3_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_5.1.7.img Armbian_5.90.190705_Orangepi3_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_5.1.15.img Armbian_5.90_Orangepi3_Debian_buster_dev_5.1.15.img Armbian_5.90_Orangepi3_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_5.1.15.img https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32969768551.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.48ae4c4dJolXaF SBC: OrangePi 3 2GB DDR3 + 8GB eMMC + 5V 3A adapter Previously successful image that can boot is back at March: Armbian_5.77_Orangepi3_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_5.0.1_desktop.img i am not the only one affected, right?