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  1. you have not to care about DSA, only that it is there and you have to operate on virtual interfaces wan,lan0-3 instead of ethx. vlan have also time (most people don't need it), first get basic network-setup working. so just bring eth0/1 only up and configure the wan/lan-ports btw. it's new to me that there is a DSA-Driver for Bpi-R1, i only have seen swconfig-configurations to access ports separately
  2. official lede from sinovoip still uses 4.9, but there is imho also a dsa-driver (backported from 4.1x afair), there is openwrt with 4.14 which includes Patches for bpi-r2 (where i've got my Patches for second gmac). if you have a dsa-driver (you see interfaces wan,lan0-lan3) you cannot work on eth0/eth1 (these are only the ethernet-connections between switch [mt7530] and SOC/Main-CPU [mt7623]), only bring them up...ip-config has to be done on dsa-interfaces.
  3. i've got second gmac working in 4.19 and with some advice from a DSA-Maintainer, i changed it (back) to mdio_device (johns patch uses platform_device). http://forum.banana-pi.org/t/help-for-testing-4-19-on-r2/7339
  4. i see it right you bridged all dsa-ports (wan+lan) to the same bridge (br0)? how to use it as router if it works as a switch and you enable dhcp on eth0 to bring them up? makes not really sense to me
  5. The main porting of second gmac was done by john crispin. There was only a small mistake which we fixed (both cpu-ports need to use same mode). I tried to port it to 4.19,but currently i can't get it working (eth1 is visible but dsa-ports got lost) so i stuck here without any help. I've contacted John,but he tells me he is currently busy and has not the time he need to help me. https://github.com/frank-w/BPI-R2-4.14/commits/4.19-gmac Have contacted dave miller as maintainer of network-part,but got no response yet
  6. I've seen also post from ryder.lee in bananapi.org-forum for uboot-patches and forked uboot-repo on github for testing it. Have you got it booting a kernel from sd/emmc?
  7. I had thought that the system is similar to r2 (it is mentioned in r2-forum which is renamed now) and soc have similar number (mt7623 vs. mt7622 1 less).
  8. Have not tested performance yet, because my freetime is also limited. I also have only a 12mbit adsl internet-connection where this should not be limited by 2nd gmac :) as i read 4.17 fixes some network-issues....but which/how? @ryder.lee will these ported to 4.14 or can you show me the patches? Currently hang on porting the gmac-patch to 4.18 file dsa2.c which is completely changed with 4.15 (not only new functions). Here i need some help from anybody who knows the new dsa-core. Wifi-driver is already ported (no changes compared to 4.16 where only timers changed). @chwe if you make changes which fixing problems in mainline please send me the patches si can include them in my repo
  9. Hi, i changed Uart (Uart2=>ttyS0) and MMC (SD=0,emmc=1) from mainline to make my kernels compatible with official images (defined my images same way). i see some definitions...maybe they can be used to define which uart is used for debug-uart without changing the order in dts(i) aliases { serial2 = &uart2; }; chosen { stdout-path = "serial2:115200n8"; }; btw. 2nd gmac, hdmi, poweroff and some other stuff is working now in (my) 4.14...hnat is ported, but i don't know if it is working due to a "strange" test (cpu-interrupts increasing)
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