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Found 16 results

  1. v5.90 / 7.7.2019 All images were updated. It mainly goes for a bugfix update, cleanup, adding Debian Buster release. Beware that software maturity with Buster is not just there yet (even it was declared stable) and with some applications (like OMV) you will encounter problems. Kernel/BSP wise, Debian Buster is the same, uses Armbian kernel, as our other builds. Most of the builds were briefly tested, but bugs might be hiding somewhere. This is the best what is out there thanks to greater Debian community, those around boards and of course ours which pushes generic Debian/Linux to the sky . Enjoy the summer time. What's new? ->
  2. Bug fix release due to
  3. - enabled Bluetooth - align with latest upstream sources - tested on M4 and T4 - updated repository - clocked back to normal CPU speed 1.5/1.8Ghz to minimise thermal throttling - added wireless drivers for 88x2bu - updated wireless drivers for Realtek 8811, 8812, 8814 and 8821 - updated wireless drivers for rtl8188eus & rtl8188eu & rtl8188etv - added latest Wireguard driver Download
  4. - added support for V3 - included latest upstream changes - updated repository
  5. Download: [ untested yet ] Community supported confirmation. It can be build with our build tools with a switch EXPERT="yes"
  6. C1 -> 5.1.y (serial console only) N2 -> latest upstream changes updated repository
  7. Legacy and mainline kernel.
  8. added (tested) preview images for H6 boards based on our sunxi64-dev kernel (5.1.7) hdmi works, network works, dvfs works, ... not all board features works apt upgrades will not be tested bugs are expected. Help in finding and resolving is more then welcomed!
  9. Updated sources for A3700-utils were published yesterday by Marvell. The changes enhance ddr tuning with the aim to enhance stability. The corresponding updated flash images can be downloaded here (updated rescue images are indicated as 18.12-v2).
  10. Kernel update to 4.14.116 wireguard fixed and enabled images and repository
  11. apt update && apt -y upgrade 1. armbian-config -> software -> softy Home Assistant smart home suite ( OpenHAB2 smart home suite ( Bug fixes: Syncthing ZSH Internet detection also works behind proxy Cosmetical fixes: UrBackup Transmission Removed: Exagear (EOL) 2. armbian-config -> personal -> mirror New mirror &
  12. (no dl page yet) Added to DEV and NEXT. Working fine except Bluetooth as on many other AP6212 boards.
  13. Due to problems with Ethernet, untested since I don't have this board. Waiting for user feedback.
  14. Due to this bug: @TonyMac32