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NanoPi M4 - PiTFT

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Hi, I'm wondering if the NanoPi M4 can be made to work with a PiTFT 320x240 screen? When I set up the /dev/fb0 device and write to it, the display simply stays black/white (each time I write to the display only the shades change). NanoPi M4 has a different GPIO set-up from Raspberry Pi 3b+ (which PiTFT works with).

Is there a possibility that the NanoPi M4's GPIO could be rewired in a way that it would support the PiTFT? E.g. Tinkerboard runs under RK3288 (vs M4's RK3399) and has the same GPIO layout as the RPi 3B+, so it could maybe be made possible?

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