Best way to backup & restore

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Hi there,

As some of you (i guess) i want to update and upgrade to last debian and kernel version to test if it is better for my tv boxes (S905W, S912, S905X2) but before that i want to backup and possibly restore all the better way.


Do someone have a hint for that ? Thanks :)


I personnaly use portainer to manage docker images but never try it yet for disaster recovery or restoring data.

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

Ive written/posted it..... so see if that works for you! :)


You need the section "Backing up if you are using emmc/NAND for booting/running Armbian OS"


Its easier than it looks, but I wanted to make it very clear for people to use, so hopefully it is.



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