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I have a task: «Find fail-safety, high stability SBC device, which can work 24/7/365»

For the past year I have been monitoring for 30 Orange PI PC2 device`s in different locations. (I used Armbian images on all device`s and very like it.)
I observe the following errors:
-deadlock (I can repeat by set low voltage on laboratory power supply. As result - device is deadlock, green diode is lighting, only reboot can help; 
-reboot (no any error`s in logs, just information about booting, just like device was rebooted)

On this moment I split up into three groups:
Group A: Error not happen, or less, then 1/60 days (25% of all my device)
Group B: Error happen ones per week - 1/7 days (50% of all my device)
Group C: Error happen ones per three days - 1/3 days (25% of all my device)

I use regular power supplies that are included in box with Orange device;

In my office, where I preparing next device and put it into the test for a week – it show results as Group A, its OK. But when I put the device to the work location, it`s fail-safety characteristic may change.
In the work location, besides my orange pi, there are many another devices in power gridlike (TVs, refrigerators, any computers etc.), unlike in my office,  when I have only orange device`s, power grid there is not loaded. 

My assumption is Orange PI PC2 can not work properly in high loaded power grid area. Under-voltage causes an error.

In Orange PI forum I found users complains that "Allwinner H5 is bad schema, it is has power problem with under-voltage protection".
In another forums I found information that ALL SBC devices have problems with under-voltage.
In this forum I found topic “SBC consumption/performance comparisons”, After read that I conclude that the reason of errors (I have faced) is that high Load CPU device meet under-voltage in a power grid and going to a deadlock or to restart.

which begs the question:
Set CPU Frequency lower, disable few CPU core`s, disable HDMI and etc. Can it be effective solution to make device low consumption and hope that next under-voltage situation won't hurt to device?

I am currently looking into ways of change orange PI PC2 to some another device which can be more fail-safety.

Before do it I want to get some advice here:
Is it really that Allwinner H5 has bad schema and has problems with under-voltage?

Is there any logs under-voltage problem in Armbian? 
My errors, it may be that power supplies, which I use is not good? In case it can be, where I can buy high quality power supply?
My errors, It may be that the reason is under-voltage problem in power grid in work location? And what to do in this case?

Which SBC devies can be right solution for my task?


Thenk you, I hope somebody faced with similar problems

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I currently run an Odroid XU4,  Odroid HC1 and Rock64 all 24x7.

I never have any problems with them. They all run from decent power supplies though, connected to a UPS.

The only board I've have stability issues with is an Espressobin.


I've also got a Tinkerboard, a couple of Pine64's, Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 and an old Cubietruck. They've all been stable too.


Sounds like you need to sort out your power supply problems first.

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Humbly suggest: Beaglebone Black.


[root@ny3270s bin]# uname -a
Linux ny3270s 3.13.9-bone9 #1 SMP Wed Apr 9 08:39:37 EDT 2014 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux
[root@ny3270s bin]# uptime
 06:20:01 up 835 days, 15:30,  1 user,  load average: 0.37, 0.41, 0.49


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Well, I recently "repaired" my digital camera by cleaning contacts with methylated spirit (alcohol). Next time I got a problem on a SBC, I'll try that first ... (And solder if I can !) And anyway only buy connectors with golden contact anymore !

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