Best ARM SBC System Backup Strategy ???

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   Now that I have my NanoPC-T4 working with hardware 3D acceleration,  1080p video playback,  full development environment on NVMe,  Think it's time for a backup.   Has anyone found a usefull utility ?  Or should I just use dd to dump the eMMC partions to image files on a USB attached drive and rsync to backup the NVMe the the same ?    I'd imagine to restore just boot from an install image, don't install, just dd the images to their repective eMMC partitions and rysnc  to restore.


Has anyone had to restore a board and how well did your solution work for you ? 

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Core of Armbian project and one of the main advantages is that its possible to recreate the image from sources. This means we have way more control over image creation and in most cases features as such are maintained. Currently video acceleration setup is done with scripts but we plan to pack it properly. We are still working on changes that are needed to make this process better or on the user understandable levels ...


You don't backup the system, but your creation/work, your /home/user and perhaps /etc/ and a list of installed packages. The rest is our job to "backup". When you want to start with a clean image, download latest image and proceed. Perhaps next image will have all this implemented, perhaps you sill still need to proceed this way which is still simple enough ...

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