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Switching Rockchip64-DEV to 5.2.y ...

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2 hours ago, Igor said:

I am working on rockchip -> 5.2

I did builds for RockPro64 and RockPi4B. The latest will need fix for DTB filename.

I've also done preliminary trial for OPi-RK3399 and NanoPCT4, this latest also needs tweak of DTB filename.

EDIT : For NanoPCT4, it doesn't boot with new DTB, searching for rootfs and get mmc errors, I'm using old 5.1.y DTB for now and will investigate latter.

EDIT2: Rock64 is fine without any glitch.

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I'm running a 5.2 build (self-built using Armbian build system) on a RockPro64. 


 I installed and used armbian-config to enable booting from SD with root on NVME.  Other than adding the pcie_rockchip_host and phy_rockchip_pcie modules to the initifamfs-tool/modules file and updating initramfs,  I made no major changes.  Currently I'm  running a disco desktop build just to play with it.


The one thing I find curious (and which I also have seen before on Ayufan's images)  is that it takes more that 30 seconds from getting the kernel starting message until the  login prompt comes up   I get no other messages on the serial interface during that time.   Does anyone know why that is happening?   


Has anyone tried mainline u-boot for this  recently?  It seems that it now includes support for this board--I haven't tried it yet, myself.  

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