OctoPrint + Motion in armbian-config

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hello, it would be nice to have OctoPrint + Motion in armbian-config/Software/Softy


In case someone does not know what I am talking about, I explain:


All low-cost 3D printers are based on the opensource RepRap project, which has developed a firmware called Marlin that runs in Arduino.
The problem of Arduino is that it is perfect for repetitive tasks, but it is lacking in other things, such as using the TCP-IP protocol, networks, it has very, very little memory, it does not support webcams, ect.
So a project called OctoPrint was born that runs on ARM boards, and allows us to control our 3D printer, from a networked computer or from our mobile.


If there is a need to create a script to integrate a module, I can try

Where there is the necessary documentation about these modules?

Another way is that the armbian-config manteiner does it, and in this case, he can use this article that I have written in a Spanish forum ...

google-traslate is your friend :)

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On 7/30/2019 at 10:49 PM, maxlinux2000 said:

Another way is that the armbian-config manteiner does it

... has already made himself enough big pile of maintenance work. Without adding this. Certainly don't need more ;) But I will find time for review if you get it to the PR phase.

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