Alexey Woronov

Armbian / Buster on C2 fully supports Mali GPU ?!

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I installed Armbian/Buster on the ODROID-C2 S905 with 2G RAM from the standard image from the Web site,
Linux was configured, GPIO sensors, other peripherals - all OK. Now I want to use KODI as a frontend to the TV.
Standard X.Org was installed, nodm and KODI, kodi-standalone in a few minutes loads 90% of all 4 cores.
Interface feels like 5..10 fps. Any ideas? Few years ago, on this system was old Debian with framebuffer KODI
with many many modules works fine, and no lags.I was trying to install mali-midgard-dkms, but it can't be installed.
I don’t know what package is needed. Makefile does not contain defines of arm64 arch, so build errors, dkms module build failed.

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