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Playing With a Fan on an NanoPi M4V2

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I think this qualifies as a hardware hack? Certainly amuses me. Hopefully others enjoy it as well.


So never quite got my 3.5 mm audio jack working properly on my M4V2 (though others reportedly did). But did find a way to get audible tones from the PWM fan control by playing with the PWM period, so decided to see if I could get music out of my M4V2 in another way ...


What follows is interesting exploration of:


$ sudo install pip3
$ sudo pip3 install MIDIFile
$ sudo ./fanplay.py Bach.\ Johann\ Sebastian\ -\ Toccata\ And\ Fugue\ \(Bwv\ 565\)___WWW.MIDISFREE.COM.mid


This little diversion brought to you by:

  • Armbian
  • FriendlyElec
  • Python
  • A few spare hours on a weekend


Might try to play around with this a bit more at some point. Notably does not play Backstreet Boys (was asked to try). But does more or less work, at least on this one track.




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