problem A33-OLinuXino + LCD-OLinuXino-10

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Hello. I purchased A33-OLinuXino board(Olimex Lime A33) and display module LCD-OLinuXino-10 for this board.
(I correctly connected the display to the board according to the scheme). On the microsd card, i installed the prebuild image: Armbian_5.65_Olinuxino-a33_Debian_stretch_next_4.19.10.img 
downloaded from this ftp://staging.olimex.com/Allwinner_Images/A33-OLinuXino/ server. The system boots up normally and starts the terminal via UART, 
but the image does not appear on the display. How do I configure the system to make the display work.

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I think @selfbg from Olimex prepared overlays or/and instructions how to use their displays. Armbian does not support 3rd party hardware unless specially noted. Perhaps they are already present info at their images? Have you checked content of /boot/ directory?

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