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orange pi one armbian install libre linux kernel?

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I expect this is the software.


Free software is software you may use, share, modify and redistribute. To my knowledge

orange pi one has an armv7 cpu. And the

gpu is the same as on a pinephone. On this forum I was told command

apt purge iozone3 armbian-firmware

might turn armbian into a free software system. There is an

armv7 libre linux kernel, which to some extend supports mali

gpus. I want to test the libre linux kernel on an orange pi

one computer, to get to know how well a Mali 400 MP2 runs on

free software. Maybe it can give a streak of how well the pinephone's

gpu will run on free software? How do you test a libre linux kernel

on an orange pi one? Do you purge the linux kernel from

armbian and then install libre linux kernel?















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Uninstall armbian-firmware and iozone3 and you are licence free. There is free driver for Mali but it perform as bad as on any other kernel. 5.3 , dev kernel might perform better. Install it from armbian-config - system. Generic kernels are not here yet.

Wrote on mobile

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Install it from armbian-config


You reinstall armbian. Run command

sudo apt purge iozone3 armbian-firmware

Then command

sudo armbian-config

From the menu you select kernel 5.3?

And install it?



Generic kernels are not here


I did not know a kernel for arm has to be customized

for the mainboard.

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Is it?


armbian-config -> system -> nightfly



system -> default

Thank you.

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