use USB0 as regular USB on mainline



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I made a custom A20 board of which sch is very close to lime2 for a project (retrostone2) and I can't use USB0 as a classic USB port.

The three USB (0 1 2) are all connected to regular USB type A connectors. No OTG used. However I can't get the USB0 to work. USB1 and USB2 works without issue. But USB0 will not recognize keyboard/any peripheral. I think it's probably because of OTG detect pins.


I looked at the DTS, but I am having trouble understanding how OTG is emplemented there, how to unactivate it and just activate a classic USB port.


Any ideas?

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on my board I have not set the USB_DRV GPIO for any USB, they are always ON (enable pin of sy6280 pull up to 5V).

Also ID_detect is not connected either as I'm not using OTG. So none of these are connected : 


&reg_usb0_vbus {

gpio = <&pio 2 17 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;


&usbphy {

usb0_id_det-gpios = <&pio 7 4 (GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH | GPIO_PULL_UP)>; /* PH4 */

usb0_vbus_det-gpios = <&pio 7 5 (GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH | GPIO_PULL_DOWN)>; /* PH5 */


Not sure if they should be removed from the DTS?


Also are you sure it's PA17? Because it's writen '&pio 2 17' I thought the first number was reference to the letter, like A = 0 B = 1 ... H = 7.

Do you know how those numbers 2 and 17 are used if not by letter-number index? 

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