How to setup an WPA AP on Orange PI PC+?

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Hi there,

Orange Pi PC+, Armbian Stretch.

What I want is to replicate current router (OpenWRT Barrier Breaker on TP-LINK MR3220 v1) on and Orange Pi. I use this router to "share" (using scp from host PC) an USB flash dongle (remote site backup). With its processor copying filer over WiFi SCP is terribly slow (1.2MB/sec).


Network Manager "proposes" me to create an WiFi network, but with only NO security or only WEP. I use WPA personal.


Configuration on router

wlan0 as an AP (WPA), wlan0-1 as WiFi client (also WPA different SSID) with WDS enabled (to act as bridge member), eth0 as usual.

All those 3 interfaces bridged together an with 2 IP adresses (bridge). Flash dongle in USB 2.0 port.


On Orange Pi all things seems to be already present (wpa_supplicant, hostapd) ready to be configured.

Could anyone explain how to create appropriate config files? (link to a proven recipe?).



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