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31 minutes ago, spinarr said:

Any news?

Considering how much work you expect from a few people to handle this can be perhaps addressed in about a year from now, perhaps more. Issue is not critical to waste my urgent high valued time on it.


On 10/30/2019 at 9:29 PM, spinarr said:

Any pointers are very much appreciated.


I saved you a day with pointing to the possible cause, but will not take you to the dinner. If this is urgent for you, change proposed and if this fix works, you are welcome to share a solution with a PR but don't push on people to fix bugs for you. If you are unable to fix this, hire someone. I would do the same, but "you" support this project maintenance only with a few hours/year.

We don't track issues simply because there are far too many of them and majority of them have nothing to do with our work or are totally out of range. Even sorting that out is not possible unless you start doing that. We only listen to troubles on forum and address them when/if possible. If this is not good enough, there is nothing I can do for you.


Since you are new and I am sure you didn't catch up those few lines:

Do not bump topics or create duplicate messages for the purpose of bringing attention to your issue. If bumping an old topic to resume conversation or provide new information, update the beginning post if possible.

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