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banana pi m1 armbian how to start X


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hi guys  sorry for  simple questions , i installed  Armbian_5.91_Bananapi_Debian_buster_next_4.19.59.7z  on banana pi M1  ,  after login i try to statx  for have desktop but not start , tell me not found ,   i try to search in google but not  find nothing about this , i saw  all  tutorial start automatically the desktop enviroments, is  possible install ??

or exist a guide??  thankz  and  sorry agin for simple questions




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This does sound that you installed a image without desktop - but thats no problem :)


use the command: armbian-config

In the menu select

System => Minimal (for installing a minimal desktop)


System => Default ( to install a desktop with browser & extras)


If the desktop doesnt start after reboot, then use startx


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