Sd card Copy = no boot



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Dear all, 


My problem:

I've tried to Copy my current micro sd card(8go) to another one (32go)

Copy with a virtualbox (Ubuntu with the dd command to Copy the first card to the other one) , or with gparted (Copy and past)

But with all these methods the problem stay the same = no boot


Error message:
Gave up waiting for root file system device.
Common problems
- Boot args (cat proc/
- Check rootdelay (did the system wait long enough?)
- Missing modules (cat proc/modules: Is /dev)
ALERT UUID-16bb1d19-3ee3-119r-Be32-9920fr7d190a does not exist.
Dropping to a shell!


I'm not an expert with Linux so I don't know how can I resolve this problem. 


Can you help me ?
Thx in advance

Board: Cubox-i, Hummingboard / Gate & Edge
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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

1 hour ago, Pixou said:

Unfortunately the blkid command return nothing just after blkid I see the (initramfs)


With ls I don't see the boot folder but in my virtualbox I see the boot folder and the uuid is the same than the error

I mean you should do the "blkid" command in a shel of your virtualbox while SDCard reader inserted.

Check also /etc/fstab ...


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Today I've tested a clone with Clonezilla and same problem. 

Output of blkid ?

The blkid command sent me the same uuid than the error message and the same as the original SDcard. (blkid command with the virtualbox)

I really don't understand What is the problem


I've change the uuid (partition uuid, fstab and inside armbian env.txt) and now same error but with the New uuid... 

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