Make your own Nanopi M4V2 image

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For now there's one downloadable Armbian Buster image for the M4V2 from pask. Also the patch needed to prepare your own image

Yon build or download any other M4 image and apply the patch from pask


1) download buster(or bionic) desktop image for nanoPi M4 (version 1) from Armbian's web site

2) extract and burn it to an SD card

3) apply the patch I have shared at the link above using the following command, changing sdX with the correct device:

sudo dd if=8M_after64ibs_uboot_working_rockpi4image_on_nanopim4v2.dd of=/dev/sdX seek=64

For wifi use this patch from MartinAyotte
Download both files


Copy these to 



Reboot. That's it. Official Armbian for M4V2 comming soon.

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