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Cubietruck very low volume 3.5mm jack

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Hi everyone,

I installed the latest version of armbian available today for cubietruck.


The volume coming out of the 3.5mm jack is really low.

I checked on pulseaudio and the volume is set to maximum. I'm from another distro and didn't have this problem with audio before.


Could someone help me? There are other people that have the same issue?

Thanks in advance.

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3 hours ago, Scaccomatto said:

Could someone help me?

I don't know about this problem, but prooviding logs with 

armbianmonitor -u

 significantly raises chances that issue is getting addressed. And which kernel have you used before when things worked. Which distribution is not relevant information.

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Me too, Using the USB-audio everything is fine. Using line the sound volume is very very low. I changed last week from the armbian of 2015/2016 to the latest version.

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