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research on installing motioneye on my orangepi PC -

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howdy community,


I am very keen on installing motioneye on my orangepi PC -

Question: can i try Orange Pi PC Beta image with Xenial and mainline kernel with the Orange Pi One and Lite.

i have heard that Motioneye (not os) works very well with Orange Pi PC when installed on top of Armbian-OS. It is told to be great for multiple network cameras as they are cheap and can run 2 cameras per SBC comfortably.


i got 2 orange pi pc

How should i go ahead:

- installing ffmpeg. Otherwise it was the raspbian instructions on armbian.

- Did anybody get armbian up and going properly before installing motioneye?


btw: which camera do you suggest:


for CSI camera you must stay on legacy.

CSI on mainline is on WIP stage.

should i take a good USB camera H264/MJPEG capable.





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I just installed Motion itself (not MotionEye OS) right onto an ODROID-XU4 running Armbian Stable. It works great. It just sits there for months on end, doing its' thing...


But then again I am streaming the camera feeds to it over the network. So I have no experience with trying to use CSI based cameras.


I am not sure of photo quality and support for CSI cameras (in GNU/Linux / Armbian, and especially without proprietary blobs) but I did not research this a lot and so I could be wrong. The way I see it, why bother to invest any time in that route at all when good quality, tiny IP cameras are now available < $30 USD each, shipped, that are well supported by hacked firmware for IP cameras to allow you to do what you want (basically run vanilla Linux) including removing the phoning home crap that all IoT (and especially, IP cameras) seem to be plagued with nowadays.


Back to the OS, I have no idea what MotionEye OS is based on, but I have much more confidence in Armbian and will always prefer to use it whenever possible.

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