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Multiboot is possibile? or I could make some workaround?


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Hi, I have two Opi1 that are taking dust,

here in italy we are under quaratine, and I want to do something stupid, like: setup an old OPi1 to be useful.

So my first attemp was to try retrorangepi, but 4.3 version is really laggy and kodi is based on matrix alpha and there are so many error with python 3.0 dependancies, I can't even install youtube addon. 4.1 and 4.2 usually works better, but kodi again is the problem, and gamepad as a known problem with deadzone.

android beta 7 gives me a lot of error on google play...but don't ask me what error is because it's written in chinese.


Now, I think I will never find an OS perfect for me

so I was thinkin:
1. Can I make a multiboot with opi? maybe install toghether retrorangepi slim (without kodi) and armbian+kodi or libreelec?

2. can I install retroarch and kodi on lastest armbian? if yes how?

Maybe if it's possibile to install retroarch and kodi on armbian installation, the only thing I need is autostart some app to use smartphone as controller or make a wired xbox controller act like mouse and that's it, I have my lovely armbian, and my version of kodi...


do you think it's possible?

thanks a lot in advance


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