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IRC bouncer giveaway


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Hey there,


most of you probably already know about the Armbian IRC channel that came back to live a while ago. If not pause reading here and check out this topic and resume here after done:


Hey, you found your way back. Nice. :beer:


As stated I want to give away IRC bouncers for whoever likes to have one. It is not bound to Freenode (although it will come pre-configured for #armbian and I would appreciate to see you hang around there ;)). You are free to connect any IRC network you want as long as it is IPv6 capable.


You don't know what a bouncer is? Pause reading and check :ph34r:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BNC_(software)


As a bonus I offer to anybody who donates to the Armbian project by subscription (check https://forum.armbian.com/subscriptions/) their own exclusive vhost which can contain anything you like (as long as it does not violate common sense, the target irc services rules, does not contain offense ecetera ecetera.... you know the deal). The subscription does not need to be recurring (highly recommended though :wub:), even one time is enough and will help the project. As long as I saw the donator badge once below your nick it will suffice.


Some technical: The bouncer software is znc 1.8.1. You can configure it via webinterface or with commands, whatever you prefer. Check https://wiki.znc.in/ZNC.

Everything is running on a small VPS generously donated by Fosshost. Host system is Ubuntu Focal.


(Legal note: I do not get any reward from this nor do I want that. I recurringly donate to the project myself for quite a while now because I think it is worth it and I offer this service simply because I can and hey, maybe somebody feels comfortable spending a few bucks to get a free bouncer ideally for a few years or the rest of their lifes, whatever comes first :lol:, and also take some weight from Igor's shoulders. Service is free of charge but no warranty or uptime, accessibility, usability and so on. Consider it as beta. I reserve one's right to reject a demanded vhost from a donator for no reason if I do not feel comfortable with since I take the risk for legal complains.)


Interested? Simply drop me a message via forums and I will check back with you: https://forum.armbian.com/messenger/compose/?to=9032





PS: If you do not trust me but what a bouncer anyways, I recommend searching for LunarBNC. He has a decent service too :P

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