dev patch for A20 covering dtb not applied or wrong?

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Hi all.

Not sure if it is me not understanding (may well be! built my last kernels in 1997 I think...) or a flaw in this patch:


which is supposed to fix this bug if I understand correctly:



Looking at the patch file in my built tree: build/patch/kernel/sunxi-dev/general-sunxi-overlays.patch


To my understanding it contains the (re)addition of dts files for sun7i-a20-spi{0..2}, i.e. as of line 3456 it addes the spi0.dts source.

However, building the dev kernel (latest, git updated two days ago), there is no corresponding dtbo file in /boot/dtb/overlays/ afterwards, I checked the resulting .deb.

However, checking the sources deb file that is created, I can find the spi0.dts source file in arch/arm/boot/dts/overlay/sun7i-a20-spi0.dts

SO, my understanding: The patch is applied, it causes the .dts source file to be created, but it never gets compiled.


Looking again at the patch, after line 53 where the makefile is to be updated, it does not enlist the sun7ia-a20-spi{0..2}.dtbo files (as it does for sun5i-a13 after line 37).

I've added three lines in that sun7i makefile block and started another built, which results in those spi{0..2}.dtbo files in the dtb-dev deb file.


Not installed onto my cubietruck yet, so can't say if the patch actually helps with my original problem.


Is the patch broken? Or did I miss the point?

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5 hours ago, fri40 said:

I've added three lines in that sun7i makefile block

Probably those dtbo were never been part of the build.

Feel free to send a PR for this Makefile correction ...

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doing a PR ... is way beyond my skills, sorry. Not ever done anything alike.


Spent probably 100 hours now on messing around with spi on cubietruck. Me := too stupid for this stuff.

Eventually got what I needed falling back to a 4.x image and switching over to spi2. Something weird with spi0 on this thing. tl;dr.


Got to call it a day on this.

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