New X88 King S922X (Pro) TV Box for Armbian Discussion

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Hi all, 


Since the previous thread got closed due to not sticking to the topic box, I thought I will start a new thread. Let's try and avoid this turning into a general discussion...


I have noticed that the price for X88 King (and variants like Pro) have significantly dropped.  This intrigued me so I spend a few hours reading the thread over at via Google Translate and it seems the stock firmware was very buggy initially. Over the last couple of months some OTA upgrades and custom firmware managed to greatly improve stability. Some questions remain as to whether the 5V 2A power supply is enough but in general the box is more usable.


Some questions to get started:

* Did anybody manage to get WLAN and LAN working? (Previously we looked at merging bits from the Android device tree)

* Anybody know why the s922x/s922x-b does not feature on Amlogic's site?  Almost appear that the S912 is the latest SoC they added

* Looking at the Meson project I still think we might get lucky with a dtb from another G12B device... fingers crossed.  


I am looking at getting one of these boxes for myself since 4GB/128GB at such a low price seems like a good challenge/time waster without too many tears if it never works :-)  

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