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Is it possible to include an older kernel in my build? Something along the 3.x era?

I really need to get an OV5640 working, and it would seem that 5.x kernels don't work with it.


The thread is for an orange Pi, but I have a banana pi.  Either way, it's an allwinner A20 and I've struck out getting the camera to be detected.


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9 hours ago, Werner said:

Support for old-legacy kernels have been dropped. Last but not least due the lack of upstream fixes.

However you can take a look at an old branch backup: https://github.com/armbian/build/releases/tag/cubox-purge

Adjust the configs for the designated board to use older sources which may either be included above or laying somwhere else at github or in the deeps of the www.

Thank you!  I'd like to get the camera working on a newer kernel, obviously.   It seems that no one has though. It's mind boggling to me.

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