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X11 forwarding Nano pi neo2


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I want to use nano pi neo2 as a compiler server (for picture rendering with "Blender")

Is it possible to forward X11 via ssh ? What img must I use to do this ?

(I don't know if server bionic is suitable to do this)

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Still don't realy know how to forward X11 ^^ but I used this command line to render files :

blender -b /home/blender/project.blend --render-output /tmp --render-frame 1

My project need more than 2Gb of Ram, so it can't render pictures on Nano Pi Neo2 (need 4Gb of Ram)

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On 6/23/2020 at 7:47 PM, sirob said:

What img must I use to do this

Armbian provide basic OS. What you will do with it .. its in your domain. I am not sure many people actually understand - me included - what do you want.


It is defenetly not hardware related, so moving to general forum areas.

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