"enable virtual read-only root filesystem"



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I have a brand new install of Armbian 20.05.4


trying sudo armbian-config to enable overlayroot and getting 


sed: can't read /etc/overlayroot.conf: No such file or directory




                ┌──────────────Root overlay─────────────────┐
                │                                           │
                │ Enable virtual read-only root and reboot. │
                │                                           │
                │         <Reboot>     <Cancel>             │


is that a feature of a bug?



touch /etc/overlayroot.conf


be a proper work around or is something more expected of me to enable overlayroot?

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

45 minutes ago, rusefi said:

I am not qualified enough in linux to know which logs are helpful and which are not.

Which is why we prepared a special tool - a script you ran on your machine. 


We are not serving ads and throwing away a lot of money, just that you hopefully see the important information and don't waste our time :( Its not exactly hidden - its actually everywhere ...






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Sorry no debug logs yet but just FYI  - running "sudo apt-get update" seems to have changed the behavior of this subsystem in a very positive way. the file has appeared, the image was compiled etc while same was not happening on a brand new installation prior to  "sudo apt-get update"


to be even more specific it was "sudo apt-get install openjdk-11-jdk-headless" which has triggered image to be compiled, all the update/install magic has kicked it while installing java of all things


please do not get mad at me for no logs this time :)

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