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Reduce subforums in common issues

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At the moment there are three sub-forums within common issues: Reviews, Research guides & tutorials and Hardware hacks.

Those forums obviously do not receive much attention and the reason might be they are not that present like other forums (and surely new tutorials are not that often posted like issue complains :lol:).


Anyway I was thinking about how to bring more attention to these topics and reduce the amount of sub-forums the same time. What I came up with was the following idea:

  1. All topics within those forums will be marked with an appropriate prefix, mostly like the forums were called at the moment (so Review, Research/Tutorial and Hardware hack). This can be done in batch in no time.
  2. Then the three forums are being merged into one and moved as a unified forum from sub-forums status to a full forum right between Common issues and Feature Requests.
  3. New topics
    1. MUST be approved to make sure no BS or requests are posted there (latter should be done anywhere else). Based on the average activity there this should not lead into a significant amount of additional work (if any). And
    2. MUST have a prefix like described above. Choosing a prefix on topic creation can be enforced by forums software.



Please let me know what do you think.



PS: Yeah I know I should do other stuff in vacation than this :rolleyes::D:beer:

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