Hash Sum mismatch in minio.k-space.ee repository

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As I try to update my system I get this:

E: Failed to fetch https://minio.k-space.ee/armbian/apt/dists/buster/buster-desktop/Contents-armhf.gz  Hash Sum mismatch
   Hashes of expected file:
    - Filesize:1851 [weak]
    - SHA512:ef7aab67fc05cc3e30b82f41967566ecef6fad070817c4115867fe23e0368ccb2849acf850f41250a169d95eb6b4dd7dd2cc14e2f1a92244432100cdaf036991
    - SHA256:880e52b050d4c7d2fbd0c5058e380455bb51ca313a4d07c7f25ed61edf469050
    - SHA1:699022efd6136b78286e76516a096a2cb6a2eea3 [weak]
    - MD5Sum:a65883df7850b338094dfc9e2c16125a [weak]
   Hashes of received file:
    - SHA512:b66793d4c902406157497ee2480ba1a1acd92512df70138d425c952024154e084838c4ff3c05c60bc8418de4f62a17a454b6202b8e77582fc55dbe1be638ef52
    - SHA256:49b62e32c4e8174d1171d60f19af2565506d48c1491c056bc81866694848597f
    - SHA1:13fb2a29e79a613ea13822ea68cb59d477fdc03f [weak]
    - MD5Sum:9e68d2e35701971733c9258fca78007e [weak]
    - Filesize:1851 [weak]
   Last modification reported: Sun, 18 Oct 2020 16:31:58 +0000
   Release file created at: Sun, 08 Nov 2020 13:58:39 +0000

Can the repo be out of sync?

This got to be fixed.

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  • lomady changed the title to Hash Sum mismatch in minio.k-space.ee repository
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