OpiZero2 (H616) -- Armiban already here, but not really Armbian ?

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Just received my H616 OpiZero2... Since there is no Armiban -- I tried "Xunglong" version of Ubuntu Focal.






Motd from Armbian

armbian-config magically transferred into orangepi-config. Same to armbianmonitor, which is now .. guess - orangepimonitor.


Also armbianEnv.txt now orangepiEnv.txt in /boot.


Looks like "good global search and replace job" was done. I'm not a lawyer, neither too much aware of opensource licenses... But I guess there SHOULD be a reference to original Armbian sources ? 

May be Armbian "stakeholders" are aware of this, may be not. 


Just for your information.

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

We are aware of the situation. In fact in first place Xulong literally tried to steal the build script by removing almost any copyright mark as well as search'n'replace Armbian with Orangepi.


They kind a fixed it after complaining though: https://github.com/orangepi-xunlong/orangepi-build


On the bottom line it is a fork of Armbian where they integrated (or at least tried somehow) support for the Zero2.


I was quite pissed off this and let them know


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13 minutes ago, Werner said:

Xulong literally tried to steal the build script by removing almost any copyright mark as well as search'n'replace Armbian with Orangepi.


It's not a surprise... Unfortunately. However I wonder, how Xunlong can "bite the hand, that feeds". Armbian is the only one "driver", that boosted sales of Orange* devices, making them usable and reliable. However, without Armbian Xunlong could just disappear in AliExpress debris like many other small companies.

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They probably don't have the knowledge on how to keep their build up to date and improve on it.
Building a basic image that boots vs a well working image with most features working. That's a big difference.

They've always been the worst student in the class when it comes to software support. While selling like 2nd most I believe after Raspberry.


Having such bad reputation software wise did bring Armbian to a higher level.
So you might say we need them as much as they need us.

I don't know what that is with Xunlong and Sinovoip. They seem to have good board designer. But the worst sales and software teams.

Orange Pi™ is a trademark of the Shenzhen Xunlong Software CO

They protect their trademarks. Now wouldn't you think a sofware company could write, hmm, maybe software... for their own products???

I do like that BPi/Sinovoip now has found its own niche in the marked.
But no other company has spammed my YT channel and mail boxes as much. While wanting to make free advertisement on my channel, but not wanting to support me with one of their products. I'll never review BPi again. Ungrateful.

Our engineering team is comprised of both experienced and innovative engineers to design and produce the best PCB possible.
Our parent company SinoVoip and Foxconn has extensive connections with various large SoC and chipset manufactures to bring you the best technologies available.
Our warm and professional service team will communicate with you and offer help and assistance throughout your project with us.

Those first 2 lines I could agree upon. The last one....

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