Access GPIO from Python3 as non root on a Rock Pi S (5.9 kernel)


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what options do I have to access the GPIO from Python3 as a non-root user? I'm building a project based on the Rock Pi S and I have everything working (as root, i2c, GPIO) on the Radxa Ubuntu 18.04 image but as I wanted to future proof the project by using the 5.x kernel.


I started with the latest Armbian_20.11_Rockpi-s_focal_current_5.9.10_minimal and enabled the i2c bus from armbianEnv.txt (rk3308-i2c1) (was already active) because the armbian-config didn't work. So I managed to get the oled display to work with the same library (luma.oled) I used on the 4.4 kernel.

Then I wanted to install libmraa that I used on 4.4 but noticed was not available.


After some googling I found these options:





but most of them seems to be deprecated so then I found libgpiod but havn't found alot of documentation yet. Is this my (only?) option or are there others?


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