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HDMI on OrangePI One Plus(H6) do not match with HDMI to VGA converter


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I had got a OrangePI One Plus (H6) on a few day ago.

I had a problem with HDMI to VGA Converter that it do not work with my OrangePI One Plus.
I guess it maybe about the Power of that HDMI on OrangePI One Plus was not enough for HDMI to VGA Converter's operation.
Then I fix it by replace regular HDMI to VGA to be HDMI to VGA with 5V external port.

And Yeah, it's work fine!!!
but I had OrangePI One (H3), OrangePI PC2(H5) and OrangePI Prime(A64) too which All of them had no problem with HDMI to VGA Converter.
I feel wonder with this problem on OrangePI One Plus.

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