[Invalid] - Best network plugs (EU) for stable running Cubietruck boards

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Hi Armbians ;)


In the last years I had the pleasure to have more then 30 Cubietruck boards in my hands to work with. Condition of the boards ranged from "new and still sealed" to "working but has been running for some months 24/7 alraedy".

In this time, I learned a lot about this hardware and I learned that none of them seems to be 100% like any other of them. While one board crushes immediately when the power input goes under 5V for some secounds, another board in the same condition, same CT version and production date seems not to care about this and keeps working.

One of the most important points for stability is the network plug used. So what network plugs did you use with success? I am running 95% of my CT boards with this plugs. Both seem to do the job fine and do not care about being in use 24/7:







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