OMV5 install crashes Helios64 and network configuration


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Hello together,


i experienced network problems with Helios64 and latest Debian Buster Image.

I cannot setup a static ip address after installation of OMV5, moreover it crashes on install.




I double checked it on a fresh image without any changes and an immediate installation of OMV over softy.

The result is the same.


After the crash OMV is in fact available, but the network configuration is broken and a static setup doesnt work over the OMV UI, nor armbian-config, also the boot takes about 2-5 minutes due to whatever reason.




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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

Yes this issue only applies to fixed IP setup use case with OMV. Unfortunately OMV doesn't use network-manager but networkd, therefore during installation OMV wipes out all existing fixed IP configuration done via armbian-config.


After install of OMV, if you used fixed IP address, you need to connect to Helios64 by serial console, re-setup temporally the IP with ifconfig (e.g ifconfig eth0 x.x.x.x) which will allow you to connect to OMV web portal and then reconfigure via the web interface the network interface permanently.


I know it's annoying, I'm sure we can automatize that in the OMV install. You are welcome to look at it :



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configurating after the installation over serial connection is no problem.


the problem is that apparently the installation "breaks" something in the ip configuration.


despite set up a static ip in OMV multiple times, after every boot its back to dhcp and resolv.conf is empty.


also the startup of the kernel hangs for like 5 minutes until the OS is available

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Are you sure you save the settings (apply button located on top right of OMV interface) ?


As for the 5 minutes startup, it's just OMV services which take some time to startup everything.


BTW I'm working on making fixed IP configuration done with armbian-config auto transfer to OMV.

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