NFS Problems on HC4 after changing to Armbian

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After switching from Debian Buster (installed via Petitboot) to Armbian, I have problems with NFS on Openmediavault that didn't exist the weeks before. My NFS streams abort after a few minutes, sometimes seconds (on Libreelec as well as Kodi for Windows). In OMV it shows me that the service is enabled and running, but systemctl says: nfs-server.service loaded active exited. With exportfs -rav it runs again, only to stop after a few minutes. It also works without command if I wait a few minutes. I also did a fresh install of Armbian, wich did nothing.

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

today I reinstalled with kernel 5.9.14 - and all seems well again. It also fixed other problems, with 5.10 copy operations with Samba or Rsync were continuously slower (sometimes down to < 1MB/s, instead of 50-110), the CPU load was higher, the SD card with the OS often went empty during copy operations...

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