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Money won't leave your account until Igor processes your order

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Good job placing an intermediate level between 5 and 50 Euros - 20 is wonderful.


I originally signed up for the 5 Euro auto pay. The 5 Euro auto pay works fine, then I get an invoice for the 15 balance ... humorous but tedious. I know you guys are working on such things so I thought I would report, hope this is the appropriate place to do so.  But I get these emails saying I've paid but Igor hasn't picked it up yet. I gave it to ya, use it ;]


So it looks like you still have something to adjust, it would be nice to just have the 20 come out of my account automagicly in one charge.


With other systems where I have like issues I usually cancel all of them then resubscribe with the correct one. Would this be the course or is there a better way...


Thanks and keep it up!!



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The subscriptions behaves weird sometimes. As for myself who was on the intermediate level a few month too I ended up simply canceling everything within forums and paypal, waiting to expire and then do the whole subscription from scratch.

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