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Tinkerboard build, no overlay folder





New build, Armbian_21.05.0-trunk_Tinkerboard_focal_current_5.10.22_xfce_desktop.img.

The build finished ok and the image after flashing is working just fine, but..

unfortunately there is no /boot/dtb/overlay folder and of course none and its .dtbo entries are found anywere.


Am I missing something ?

Is the latest build system broken for Tinkerboard ?

Do I need to specify something during the build process menu ?




Just checked with the Armbian ready-made provided image for Tinkerboard, the




they also lack the /boot/dtb/overlay folder..

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9 hours ago, Christos said:

Is that 'by design' or is simply the build system broken for Tinkerboard with 5.x kernel ?


Most of the stuff in modern mainline kernels has to be developed from scratch (or ported). Asus has nothing to do with that. Also we developed many enhancement and fixes for their private legacy kernel. You don't need, it's a waste of time, to deal with outdated & unsupported TinkerOS in any way.


But I can't tell if we will develop overlays for Rockchip armhf family or Tinkerboard specifically. We have to plan according to available resources. Which are very limited / expensive.

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Just did another build with the 'Legacy' kernel v4.4.213 (instead of the 'current' that I did previously) and the /boot/dtb/overlay folder exists.



So, in new 5.x Tinkerboard kernels, by choosing 'current' there is no /boot/dtb/overlay folder but exist in legacy kernel 4.4.213.

Is that 'by design' or is simply the build system broken for Tinkerboard with 5.x kernel ?


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Ok @Igor , thanks for the answer.


I know and understand, no worries.


I've seen that the 'legacy' works just fine and it gives me the features that I need, eg to have the ability to create and test my own driver additions and overlays in a well proven way that is universal in all Armbian images.


Thanks again.


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