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[Invalid] - Bluetooth not working on NanoPi Neo Air


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Hi everybody!

I am new to this community and I am trying to find out if anyone here with a NanoPi Neo Air board got bluetooth working on Armbian Buster (mainline based kernel 5.10.y).
Here is the armbianmonitor -u log http://ix.io/2UKF

For about one week I am trying to make bluetooth work and with no result. I tried also Armbian Focal (mainline based kernel 5.10.y) and the results are the same. Bluetooht not working/recognized. I mention that I enabled BT support from armbian-config.


dmesg | grep blue

empty result


rfkill list
0: phy0: Wireless LAN
        Soft blocked: no
        Hard blocked: no


The images were compiled on Ubuntu 20.04 with the following command:



I am out of ideas. I really appreciate your help and I am willing to pay for some sort of support from your side as I want to make this board fully functional with Armbian. Thank you!

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Your issue report is invalid for one or multiple reasons (non-exhaustive enumeration):


  • it has been stated at the wrong place
  • it lacks fundamental requested data
  • it could have been easily solved by a quick search and/or reading documentation
  • unsupported userspace/image/SBC


Since you refused to use the bug reporting form carefully and follow the information there as you have been asked for we have no intention to further investigate.

Please add missing information if applicable.



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