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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

Well that is bad.


I have my chromium folder from my old Tinkerboard backed up.  What do is just copy it over to a new installation and all my addons show up. Not this time.

There is one very important to me.  It is a huge lose.


Is there something I can do?

I don't know how the api works yet. Maybe not use it.

I don't need to add any more addons.  All I need is to use my chromium back up from the .config hidden folder.

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Chromium in Armbian addons is disabled.

I copied my older chromium folder in Tinkerboard and pasted it in the .config folder on Armbian and the addons are disabled.

I copied the same chromium folder in the .config folder on my PCLinuxOS and the addons are all there and the addons is fully enabled.


Why does Armbian have the addons disabled?  Is there some way to enable it?

I don't believe that it could be google doing it since PCLinuxOS is just fine.

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This is all what Armbian does regarding Chromium and IIRC in a last three years this would be the one and only complain about this problem. Since we don't maintain Chromium and since we have no means to oppose (one of the) biggest tech corporation on the world or support their products, Armbian scarce resources will do exactly nothing. Most likely its related to things you were already informed about. I don't see other explanation since it was fine until now. Which means you/we can't do nothing about and this is not Armbian fault.


5 hours ago, jarbear said:

I don't believe that it could be google doing it since PCLinuxOS is just fine.


And I don't believe this has anything to do with Armbian. Beside, support goes this way:


PCLinuxOS uses Google Chrome which is not limited but exists only for x86.

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  • Solution

Best to move to Vivaldi Browser.  Chromium is history.

Vivaldi is working very good.  One of the members recommended it.  I installed it and I really like it.

I copied the old Chromium files over to it and got all my stuff back.

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