NanoPi M4V2: Standard PCIe Devices Anyone?

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I've been using a M4V2 since its release mostly as a NAS (disks over UBS 3.0). I also have it booting from a Samsung NVMe with the official NVMe hat. My setup works flawlessly however I was thinking about ways to add more storage with reasonable performance/price so I thought, what if I managed to add a standard PCIe x1 port from the pins on the board and use standard hardware with it.


The idea was to add a cheap PCI switch + NVMe adapter (to boot from) and a PCI to SATA controller such as the following:


1) PCI Switch:

2) PCI > NVMe Adapter:

3) PCI > Sata:




Did anyone had success with a setup like this? It looks like there isn't any adapter for the board to add a standard PCI interface, however I could probably solder something. Software wise would it work? I believe the Marvell 88SE9215 is supported by Armbian from what I read on espressobin threads. Any tips?


Thank you!


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