Unexpected shutdown and doesn't reboot + exFat USB mounting issue

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Hi all,

I'm a bit lost to find the root cause so I share all what I noticed 

- I'm using Armbian_21.02.4_Odroidn2_buster_current_5.10.27.img image on a eMMC 64Gb on an Odroid N2+ board
- I installed docker and have two containers activated from portainer/portainer-ce and linuxserver/plex images
- I installed exFat-fuse and exFat-utils to be able to mount an external exFat drive connected via USB
- Right after booting, the USB drive is mounted but is not seen by Plex. Restarting the plex container make the trick but I have to do it each time
- After some time, the mounting point is not anymore accessible and give me the ' Transport endpoint is not connected' error message'
Whatever I tried, I'm not able to get it properly mounted again without rebooting the board (plug out, plug in)
- After some time, the board is like 'shutdown'. Not able to reach it by ssh and not even have ip anymore
- At anytime, if I try a 'soft' reboot, I have the same issue (red led on, blue one blinking) and I need to plug out/in to get it working

I have searched a lot, the only thing I found was to plug the usb disk on the usb port near the hdmi port but I still have this issues

**Edit** seems I don't have the shutdown issue for hours but again the 'Transport endpoint is not connected' and soft reboot issue.
Thanks in advance for any help
Please note that I previously use the same setup on RPi4 without any issue so I don't think the USB drive is the cause

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After a few days running with my USB Drive plugged near HDMI port, I can say that I don't have anymore :

- 'shutdown' state of the board

- problem to have a soft reboot

But I'm still issuing :

' Transport endpoint is not connected' error message after a few hours

- Not all the time (because it happens to work one time only), PLEX not seeing the mounted drive after booting and need a Plex container restart

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