RockPro64 only booting legacy kernel


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Hello everyone,


First of all, thank you all for making ARM accessible!


I have a RockPro64 that only boot legacy kernels... I couldn't find anything specific about it online.

Is this something to do with the SPI chip? Do I have to update it with the procedure listed here?

Any tip would be really welcome, I tried most of the ROCKPRO64 images and nothing... only kernel 4.x boot, SD or emmc, no difference.


Bellow is one of the error messages I get... the screen flashes different colors and the system halts.

Different images, different behaviors... usually it just flash colors.

(Warning... Bad CRC) is this CRC about the SPI firmware?  It's not the emmc or SD. I tried different ones and it just doesn't work for mainline kernels.


No HDMI output and I won't see an new IP on my network.

I tried it without the HDMI cable too.. nothing.


Thank you for any assistance!






Board: Rock64
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