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Help wanted and appreciated to build an updated image for AML s905(x)(2), arm-64, etc...


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Hello everyone,

I would like to build an updated Armbian image for balbes150's arm-64 implementation.
Image family found here: https://users.armbian.com/balbes150/arm-64/


I have started some work on my personal armbian branch here: https://github.com/SLAzurin/build-armbian-custom/tree/arm64tv
Currently, I'm not sure about my progress, there were times I was able to build an image, but the machine wouldn't boot successfully. (using xdarklight's kernel files https://github.com/xdarklight/linux/tree/meson-mx-integration-5.14-20210718)
At most, it would boot into u-boot, and then hang after trying to start the Linux kernel.

When I try using balbes150's kernel (https://github.com/150balbes/linux-arm), it would fail to build the armbian image.


I'm just a regular software developer so I may not understand hardware related terms that well, sorry in advance.


Pointers, or any clues are very much appreciated =)


My current hardware is a Nexbox A95x with AML s905x 2gb ram 16gb eMMC

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balbes stopped working on Amlogic SoCs in October last year.


1 hour ago, AzuriAdore said:

and then hang after trying to start the Linux kernel.

Raised verbosity and put a serial console to it?

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Yea I know he stopped working on it, which is why I want to try to keep it updated.
I'll try raising the verbosity and see what causes issues. Thanks for the suggestion.

Will do that and come back here.




Does the verbose output require UART dongle? Cuz mine is in transit and wont have it until later on

Otherwise i can just keep using the HDMI output like how ive been doing it.



I don't have a soldering kit/don't know how to solder the UART header, it doesn't look like there's any out of the box.

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